Day 15: 900 yards of Swimming

Day 15 Swimming

My training program was a run-of-the-mill swimming session: 900 yards in total with 3×200 yard intervals. Overall it felt good, but the longer intervals definitely get my heart rate up. By the last interval I’m starting to feel spent, which I guess is the whole point. Looking ahead to next week I see some 300 yard intervals. That number only goes up as the weeks pass, so on the positive side I can imagine that there will be a day when a 200 yard interval seems easy.  Today was not that day. I was happy with my times though. I swam 2:27/100yards @ 12.6 strokes per length. That is my fastest time with a slight increase in strokes per length. My kicking felt much better which made me happy.

The morning was brutally cold (for around here); the thermometer read 39 degrees as I was walking to the pool. That’s just too cold by Northern California standard, but I guess I should be thankful it’s not raining. Thankfully even the performance pool seems warm compared to the air temperature.

Looking forward to a long bike ride tomorrow. Happy Friday!


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