Day 17: Run/Bike

Day 17: running & biking

Sunday’s are the hardest days. Sunday’s training program call for both a long run and a long swim, both to be performed at “moderate” efforts. So, that is what I did.

The Run Portion: The run ended up being 8.3 miles instead of 8 because I managed to get off course a bit. The run felt good and , once again, I really felt the positive effects of my training. I finished at the run at the 8:40/mile mark while keeping my heart rate in the Zone 3 area. This is great for me and has everything to do which the in-week interval run training. Even when I used to run half-marathons I couldn’t run at fast, or as strong. The only downside to the run is that around mile 7 I could feel my knee. I think I slightly tweaked it and the last 1.3 miles was spent which some knee pain. I’ve been through this before and am just going to need to manage it better.

The Swim Portion: The plan for the swim portion was 1200 yards “moderate.” Moderate is hard for me, especially in a pool. But, after The Boy went to sleep I snuck out to the pool (~8pm) to complete the day. I wimped out and stayed in the warm pool as opposed to the slightly chiller Performance Pool. I don’t think it was a good choice. I actually got too hot doing my laps. I ended up doing 1525 yards for no other reason than I was feeling good and didn’t want to stop. My swim was slower than normal–2:52/100yard with 14.1 strokes per length. My knee pain joined me for my swim too. I could feel it every-time I kicked which is one of the reasons for the slower times and increased strokes. Thankfully today is a rest day and I am going to take it very easy.


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