Back in the Garage

Day 18: 40 minutes on the Trainer

Today was the start of week #4 for my triathlon training program. It’s a 16 week program so I’m nearing the quarter-way mark. I’m really enjoying the training. I can feel myself getting stronger with each session and, besides my knee, nothing hurts.

Yesterday was a welcome rest day which meant that today called for 40 minutes of cycling with 6, 30 second sprints. The format is the same every week: rest on Monday, bike intervals on Tuesday, swim and bike intervals on Wednesday, bike intervals on Thursday, long bike on Saturday, and long swim and run on Sunday.

I almost exclusively do my mid-week bike workouts on the trainer in the garage. Biking in the garage is simply easier from a schedule standpoint and allows me better control of the workout. Using Zwift I’m able to create custom workouts ahead of time that are structure exactly┬áthe way the Plan says. I find it’s a lot harder to do that when I’m cycling on the road due to environmental reasons e.g. cars, elevation, weather.

My biggest concern today was how my knee would feel, especially during the sprints which get me up to 400 watts. At that output I’m putting a lot of load on my knee. Thankfully my knee felt fine (or no worse than usual). I’m still going to take lots of precautions such as wearing a strap during the day, icing it frequently, and apply NSAID ointment on a daily basis.

That’s all for today. Onwards!

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