Back on track

Day 20: Swimming & Biking

This week has been out of sorts. My schedule got thrown off by the warriors game and I’m just now getting things straight.

I had rearranged the plan to put a makeup swim session in today. That meant I had both a swim and a bike ride for the day.

The swim session went well: 1050 yards total with 10×25 yard intervals. My 100 yard time averaged 2:20, which was great, and my strokes per length came in at 13 which was fine. I have another swim session tomorrow morning and my focus will be completely on my kick which is where I think I’m creating a lot of problems for myself.

The second workout today was a 40 minute bike ride in the trainer, with 5 minutes spent above 215 Watts. It was fine–nothing special. The highlight was I got to watch the new episode of Rosanne. Another benefit to the garage trainer I guess.

That’s it for now. Until tomorrow.


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