Sunday Doubles

Day 23: Swimming & Running

Sunday is a difficult day. It’s difficult both because it requires a lot of effort, and because that effort requires a lot of time. This is at odds with having a family.


Weekends belong to the family, and squeezing in two relatively long workout sessions is tricky. Based on the progressive nature of the plan I’m following this isn’t a problem that is going to get easier over time. The effort required on both Saturday and Sunday only increases so somehow I need to bridge these two worlds with the least amount of friction. This Sunday was a good example of the difficulty of training and having family time.

My plan called for a 1000 yard swim and a 7 mile run. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post this is a recovery week allowing my body “rest,” or at least not strain as hard. Realistically each of these workouts is about an hour. The actual moving time in swimming is much shorter but the prep is more involved. So somehow I had to find a way to work in a solid 2 hours away from the family so I could train. I have started taking swimming lessons on Sunday mornings from 8-9am at our swim and tennis club. This works out nicely because it’s a set weekly time and in the course of my lesson I’m able to get my yards in. It’s also early enough that there is limited family interruption. The “long” run is harder. The run typically comes somewhere later in the day and is much more disruptive to the family. I mean, when during the day is it a good time to say “hey, I’m just gonna leave for an hour or two, cool?” It’s never cool. Last night I ended up doing my run at the club, on a treadmill, from 9:30-10:30pm. I shut the place down! I guess this is going to be how it works, at least for the running portion. I’ll end up doing that workout later at night after everyone else gets in bed. As long as I can manage my sleep properly I should be okay.

My lessons are turning into something I really enjoy. My instructor (Chuck) is a great guy. He’s a former competitive swimmer and has finished a number of olympic distance triathlons so he has a good sense of what I’m trying to do. He also has access to my Garmin account so he can keep tabs on my workouts and the first thing out of his mouth on Sunday was, “Hey, what happened on Wednesday? You’re times went up.” Knowing someone is keeping track of your progress is very motivational, at least to me.  The lessons are hard work but my swimming is easily my most improved discipline (it also has the most room for improvement). My goal is a 2 minute 100/yard time sustained for 1000 yards. Currently I’m at 2:23 so I have a long way to go.

My running was much better than I expected. I’m hoping that I’ve come up with a good regimen for my left knee. I ice my knee for 45 minutes before my run. I use rock tape to tape my knee so that my knee cap tracks properly and, lastly, I wear a compression knee wrap to further keep things aligned. I ran my 7 miles at a solid 8:30/mile average, which was great. Most importantly NO PAIN — neither during or after. That’s a huge win.

Today is a rest day so I’m resting! Lots of sleep tonight and then back at it tomorrow. No more recovery week for me so everything ratchets up a bit this week.



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