Double Sessions on Vacation

Day 27: Double sessions on vacation

Today is Friday and day 27 on The Plan. That means it’s a swim + run day. We also happen to be on a mini-vacation in Healdsburg, CA (about 2 hrs north of us). This was the first time I’ve had to manage around vacation plans and I think I got lucky. We happen to be here in Healdsburg during something called a “Pineapple Express”—massive rain showers drench the area with water picked up in Hawaii.

Due to luck we booked ourselves into a great hotel (Hotel Healdsburg) right in the center of a beautiful town square. The hotel just happened to have an excellent pool and, because of the rain, it was all mine. Turns out that people don’t like swimming in the rain which I don’t totally understand. Whatever the case I was able to get my swim in and, yeah, it felt a little awkward because I was convinced that at any moment people would come into the pool area and want to swim. This might be why my times got faster! 2:18/100.

After a day at the Charles M. Schulz Museum I snuck in a run at the also beautiful hotel gym. This was pretty neat because it was my first time using Zwift for running. Using a Windows Surface Pro tablet and an Ant+ USB adapter talking to my heart rate monitor and Garmin pedometer, Zwift is able to translate my running cadence and heart rate to an on-screen avatar running around the streets of London. This may have been the most fun I’ve ever had on a treadmill. I still need to figure out how to adjust Zwift’s pacing–I ended up running a pretty slow (9:20/mile)–but once I do that this is THE answer for treadmill running!

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