FTP Test Time

Day 32: FTP Test Morning

FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power. From triathlete.com “FTP is the maximum power you can sustain for one hour. Think of power at VO2max as your upper limit of aerobic energy production and FTP as the percentage of that limit that you can sustain.” Basically this is a measurement of how hard you can go for a set period of time. It’s an important metric because training plans for cycling are usually based around some percentage of your FTP. For instance, you may have a training segment that takes you to 85% of your FTP for 10 minutes and then down to 60% of your FTP for 10 minutes, and so on. When I first started training I began with and FTP test. My threshold power was measured at 198 watts, meaning that based on my test I could hold 198 watts for 1 hour. It’s important to retake this test every so often so that your training program can adjust and keep you progressing. So Thursday was my scheduled bike training so I decided to retake my  FTP test.


FTP tests are hard. You’re attempting to hold your max output for a sustained period of time. I really wanted to see improvement so I really pushed it as hard as I could. My FTP went up 28 watts which is great. My new FTP number is 226, up from 198. This means that all my subsequent training rides that use FTP as a basis will become harder, but this should lead to further improvement.





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