Long Sunday

Day 35: Long Day

Another Sunday in the books.

Today’s plan was 1600 yards in the pool and a 10 mile run. Sunday’s are my swim coaching, but I decided to get to the pool early to knock out some of my training sets. The main emphasis was a 1000 yard straight set Time Trial. I managed to get in 850 yards before my lesson started. Good enough for me.

My lesson focused mainly around using paddles and a pull buoy. The pull buoy takes the legs out of the equation and the paddles allow me to concentrate on developing a long stroke with a hard pull. It worked so well that now my shoulders and ribs are sore from the he workout. In total I did 2025 yards.

This evening I went back to the club to hit the treadmill for my long run: 10 miles. I used Zwift again which definitely helped. 10 miles is a long time in a treadmill no matter how you cut it but I got it done. After yesterday’s 40 mile bike ride and today’s 19 mile run my legs are toast. Thank God tomorrow is rest day. I need it!

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