A run in the park

Day 39: swimming & running

Today started out with a swim. 1200 yards with 3×200 intervals with rest periods of 20 seconds between each intervals. I got a late start to the morning so I changed things up a bit and scrapped the intervals and just swam 1225 yards straight. My time wasn’t great but it’s important to me that I know I can swim the whole distance without having stop.

Friday’s are double session days—swimming and running— so I packed my running gear with the expectation that I’d go back to the gym and run on the treadmill. During the day something changed and I decided I wanted to run outside. I researched local trail runs and landed on a 4.5 miler at Wunderlich Park in Portola Valley. Immediately after work I drove the 20 minutes up into the hills and gvomy running gear on. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and at spot was perfect. There was only one problem: I forgot to look at an elevation map. The first two miles we’re straight up hill—1000+ feet of elevation on switchback trail. I thought I was going to die. My legs were unhappy. I ran those miles at about 15 minutes per mile, meaning I probably could have walked faster. The good news: once I got to the top I got to run the last 2 miles downhill. Needless to say to scenery was spectacular and I look forward to running it again.

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