Z2 Tempo 200s

7-3-20: In the pool for my Friday swim. At the club we’ve gone to a reservation system for most things, including the pool. At the top of the hour a new group is allowed in, and fifty minutes later we are out. This allows the staff ten minutes to clean before the next group enters.

Although I thought I had made a reservation, it turned out that I didn’t. Luckily for me there was a lane open in the recreational pool, which is considerably warmer. Today’s training was basically blocks of 200 yards of varying intensity. I was worried that I’d overheat (which I almost did), but what was most interesting was that my first six hundred yards was close to the fastest I’ve ever swam. During a rest break the club manager walked by and I asked if there was something about the warm pool that made it faster. She told me that because it was warmer and shallower my body was more relaxed which caused my form to be better. “I can see it in your stroke, your more relaxed and your pull is longer and your kicks are easier.” I may never understand swimming.

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